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The in-house truck wash, which keeps Jade's own fleet looking sharp, is also available to the public. Using hot water, high pressure, and good old-fashioned hard work, we hand wash each piece of equipment to the Jade Standard of Clean. With a 100 foot-long wash bay and 16' by 16' doors, we are able to fit in many combinations of trucks and trailers and other types of vehicles, such as RV's and loaders. Phone or email to book your appointment at the Jade Truck Wash

The Jade wash operates one of Winnipeg's only VIS robotic wheel polishing machines. We are able to polish and restore your drive and steer wheels to a mirror finish in less than one hour per wheel. In addition to the aesthetic benefits of having shiny wheels, we are able to check your rim for wear and tear and give you a report on its remaining lifespan. We can also clean the contact point between rim and tire and ensure a better seal, which helps improve tire life and reduce the chances of a costly blowout.

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